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Goleta Star designs and manufactures compact, low-weight radar systems. These systems are exceptionally well suited for use on unmanned, ultralight and small private aircraft.

Our products have video and strip synthetic aperture (SAR), moving target indication (MTI), and coherent change detection modes and operate in the Ka and W millimeter wave bands.

In addition to our products, Goleta Star designs and manufactures custom radars and subsystems for a wide variety of applications, according to customer specifications.


Analog & digital radar design

SAR algorithm design

Antenna Design

Goleta Star offers a specialized expertise in the field of synthetic aperture radars (SAR). We help you to design a specialized radar solution for your application. We have a long lasting history in successfully winning and executing phase 1 and phase 2 SBIR contracts with the DoD. 


First Responder Support

Airport / Aircraft Tracking

Harbor Tracking

Traffic Jam Observation in Rough Conditions


Our Team


Greg Mungas

Principle Mechanical Engineer

Dr Kai Lin

RF Design

John Kirk

Principle Investigator

Scott Darden

Signal Processing
Costal Trident

Coastal Trident

We have recently participated in this year’s Coastal Trident where we provided a demo of our real-time video streaming.

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